Wilkhahn: Occo SC

Gyártás éve: 2018 több termék ebből az évből

The Occo chair and table range makes it possible to unite different atmospheres in meeting, canteen and conference spaces through a clear and identifiable design. Because the chairs with armrests and their distinctive and enveloping shell come in six colours, four frame types and four upholstery versions. The new sibling, Occo SC (Side Chair), has no armrests and is slightly more slender in design – but still clearly one of the family nevertheless. The shell and its characteristic cutout section offer superior comfort and enable the adoption of different postures. The chair’s compact size means rooms can be used efficiently. Occo SC is available with the Occo colour, frame and upholstery options. As a result, we’ve doubled the options available for the Occo “seat kit” to 192 – a perfect combination of variety and identity. Can be ordered and supplied immediately


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