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Containers specially designed for recycling solid waste. The combination of three different openings: square chute with with a lid, round with nylon brushes (to hinder insight) and rectangular ramp, in groups of two, makes it possible to adapt the product to the different kinds of waste intended for recycling. There are also three different possible inside elements for waste collection: bag supporting ring, mini metal container for small residues (batteries, cigarette ends, etc.) and optional metallic basket for heavier waste (glass, etc.). The materials used are: polished stainless steel for the heads, body in iron plate, epoxy painted in anthracite grey polyester, or saint-finish stainless steel and base in painted anthracite stainless steel. Optional with rollers. To order your CICLO, first choose the head, then the 2 kinds of waste to be recycled (which we will indicate witha vinyl pictogram on the stainless steel cover), and finally the ecterior finish.


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