Serralunga: Sirchester

A unique and revolutionary product of contemporary furniture. Sirchester is the first of our illuminated sofas able to give rooms a fun atmosphere. 
Sirchester was designed by analysing every feature of a successful product, leaving no detail out: in fact, a system of drainage that allows you to sit on it even after a heavy shower has been patented. A little escape route has been created in the inner perimeter of the seat, for the water that is channelled into a hole. For the first time in outdoor sofas, the system is really effective. 
Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti are the creators of the Sirchester Sofa line of outdoor sofas.


Minden munkanap, 9-17 óra között díjmentes tanácsadással várjuk hívását!
T: +36 1 274-0001.

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