Serralunga: Canisse

Serralunga, together with French designer Philippe Nigro, has developed Cannisse, one of our outdoor sofas with an extremely naturalistic vision. Canisse is an open-air retreat, a sheltered area within which large cushions invite you to rest. An object of contemporary furniture and Italian furniture. 
A sofa and an armchair that find their ideal location in outdoor environments, while their use inside your home will provide a truly eclectic space, favoured by the design of an extremely decorative backrest, in keeping with the spirit of ""The First, The Original"" by Serralunga. 
""On the shores of the Mediterranean, rushes, wild plants with long flexible stalks grow, rocking in the wind, resisting. These thin plants are harvested and tied up to create trellises used for protection from sun, wind, and eyes. These ""cannes de Provence"", transformed into partitions, ""les canisses"", are conjured up in this outdoor seating design, using their simple and irregular appearance. 
Like a fence made up of an accumulation of rods supporting each other, the structure develops into a range of modular sofas and armchairs. "" (Philippe Nigro)


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