Segis: Noldor

Armchair and two seat sofa with a low and a high seat back. The Noldor collection is a system of modern upholstered seating specifically designed to address the usage within large open spaces such as waiting areas and halls, and in office environments. The furniture is ample and comfortable, the seat back is available in two heights (89 cm, 133 cm) and with a particular squared shape that creates a true visual and acoustic protection around the occupant. The sofa is also upholstered in sound absorbing materials which make this system particularly suited for private conversation in open areas within waiting rooms and semi private work spaces. The structure is in tubular steel and plywood. The seat cushions are in polyurethane foam with a polyester padding lining. The seat back padding includes a supporting structural mesh coupled with heat sealed cloth on polyurethane foam. The exposed structure in steel is finished with epoxy powder coated paint in various colours or chromed. Fire retardant inner padding is in accordance with Italian Class 1 IM specifications. Special foam meeting 5852 British Standards is available on request. Upholstered cover can be in fabric, faux leather or C.O.M. (preferably in a solid colour). 


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