Rander + Radius: Sharp

The SHARP product line was designed by Thore Lassen expressing simplicity combined with discrete and refined details, and focusing explicitly on functionality and flexibility. The product line presents great variation when furnishing rooms for meetings and conferences, as well as canteens and classrooms. The double curve of the seat combined with the profile of the back of the SHARP chair provide for comfortable and ergonomic seating. The chairs are easy to handle – stack or link together in rows, and they are available in veneer with chrome frame. The SHARP table has a very user-friendly design. It is fitted with wheels with integrated braking function, making it easy for just one person to move the table. The tiltable plate can be operated with minimum effort, and requires only little storage space when the table is not used. The table can also be fitted with under-table-attachment for suspension of chairs. The frame is in chrome and powder coated steel and the tabletop in high pressure laminate with ABS edge.


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