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The aim of the stackable CIRKUM chair has been to create a piece of furniture that combines comfort, variety and architectural harmony in a simple, distinctive shape. The geometrical key that makes all these elements come together is the semi-circle. In the version with arms, the back and the arms together form a clear, perceptible semi-circle that envelops the user in a friendly, warm and generous embrace, an alluring and welcoming sight… Hence the chair's name – CIRKUM means ”around” or ”about” and the chair effectively shapes itself around the seated individual. The shape of the chair’s wooden parts infuses the simple, architectural design with a sense of vitality, suppleness and elegance, particularly through the back and the arms, which are tapered so that the material is strongest where needed while the chair retains a very light and characteristic look with slender, sharp edges that emphasise its basic profile. The tapered design of the chair back represents an innovative exploitation of the latest moulding technique. The highly characteristic cantilevered arms allow the chair to hang on table tops without the use of special fittings. The chair is available in a wide variety of different combinations – with or without arms, unupholstered, with upholstered seat or seat and back, in a range of different colours and with a choice of materials for the back, seat, arms and frame. This, and the range of accessories such as connectors that are also available, make the CIRKUM a highly versatile chair. Dressed for the occasion, the CIRKUM chair is an elegant addition to almost any architectural space from canteens, halls and conference facilities to exclusive meeting rooms that place high demands on aesthetics and user friendliness.


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