Offecct: Smalltalk

Smalltalk is a unique piece of furniture designed by Stefan Sjölander, Pierre Sindre and Patrik Bengtsson, who got the inspiration for Smalltalk when they saw the need to create secluded spaces in open office interiors of today. The result is Smalltalk, which can be described as a higher table enclosed by a sound absorbing screen, where you as an individual employee can talk on the phone or perform other tasks that require solitude and silence. Smalltalk is built on a metal frame, a higher table, a rubber mat and a screen of a sound absorbing material. The fact that the screen is folded, or pleated if you like, breaks the sound waves very efficiently and thus creates a kind of a refuge where one can go away for conversation and creativity. “The shape has changed during the design process, but the initial idea was to get inspiration from typical architectural expressions. Our choice fell on a lamp with its lampshade creating a secluded milieu for discussions and other tasks” says Pierre Sindre, CREO Arkitekter. “We were also inspired by the street lamp, whose light beam creates space and security in outdoor environments” Pierre Sindre continues. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Stand in silver lacquered metal and screen in polyester felt. The polyester felt is available in grey and offwhite. The standing table has a table top in white pigmented oak (table top 94.5 x 42.5 cm).


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