Offecct: Club

Club easy chair is designed by Christophe Pillet. Implementing an extremely conscious choice of materials and innovation in the construction of this lounge chair, Pillet has designed a characteristic piece that is expressively minimalistic and light, despite clear references to the classic, heavy armchair. Club consists of a simple, curved steel construction covered with tension fabric, giving the easy chair its ingenious shape, comfort and function. The designer was inspired by camping and tent constructions. Instead of a heavy armchair with a complicated stuffing and manufacturing process, he built up Club using small integrated cushions in the upholstery, almost like padding in a motorcycle jacket – all to achieve maximum comfort. Club has a lacquered metal frame, and cover in black polyester mesh. Optional fabric on inside and seat. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Lacquered metal frame, upholstered with cover in black polyester mesh. Upholstered seat with integrated suspension and cold foam. Optional fabric on inside and seat.


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