Offecct: Bouquet

The new Bouquet side table is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. The table is based on the simple, positive idea of adding a cheerful decorative apostrophe to the room — something to put people in a good mood, while at the same time serving an instrumental purpose. 
Inspiration for the table very apparently comes from nature. The bright red flowers are mirrored in the table’s shiny base, as though from a pool of water in the forest. This base also serves a function in giving the table good stability for use in busy public environments.
“Contemporary art lovers may see that an additional source of inspiration comes from Andy Warhol’s flowers, such as in the angle of the stems,” says Eero Koivisto of Claesson Koivisto Rune. “The first ambition with this object is cheering people up, a bit like the work of Swedish designer Stig Lindberg, whom we admire,” Koivisto adds. “It’s decorative, but then you see that it is actually a table with a clear function, to put your laptop or coffee cup on, next to the sofa in a hotel lobby for example. I actually think it’s a rather Scandinavian and minimal object.”


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