MOLL: Unique S9

From very small to very tall:
The moll S9 works with anybody’s body – whether child or adult, young woman or tall man. The design swivel chair moll S9 has a size adjustment range that makes it the ideal seating solution for any body size. This is made possible by stepless adjustment  of the seating height and depth, each in two high or low ranges. This makes the moll S9 a chair that is just as suitable for children as for adults. And by the way: Along with size adjustment, the moll S9 automatically adjusts to the user’s weight.
Healthy sitting requires movement:
Human beings are not made for static sitting. Hardly anything stresses the body more than static forced postures. The moll S9, therefore, is not just a chair — it is a constant invitation to move and change postures.
Ordinary chairs compel static seating and forced posture. But our muscular system needs movement. The intelligent technology allows and encourages forward, backward and sideways movement and transmits even the smallest weight shifts into movement. The synchronous movement concept allows pelvic rotation to stabilize the spinal column. This type of dynamic sitting stimulates the muscular system and metabolism, and virtually prevents backaches.


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