MOLL: Unique-T5

Only constant movement and continuously changing position sustainably relieves strain on the body. Express height adjustment, desktop tilt adjustment, a pleasant, warm Fenix NTM®, and easy handling — with its excellent functionality, moll T5 is right for any working style and intuitively supports working in a way that promotes physical health.
With the moll T5, the user stimulates the standing and sitting dynamics, i.e. the interruption of seated work by working periods that could be done while standing.  After all, a comfortable, ergonomically designed workplace as a basis for modern, productive work is not only reserved for the professional workplace in the office.
Whether as a simple desk or with the three-level extension, moll T5-E2, the moll T5 creates the space you need for work — and makes it all feel pleasant: The Fenix NTM® surface refinement gives moll T5 a soft, velvet feel. The extremely matt nanotech material is distinctive for its very low light reflection and high resistance to scratches and wear. The surface radiates a pleasant warmth.
The moll T5 keeps the essentials in view:
Whether the moll T5-E2 extension with three shelves, the practical magnet board with whiteboard function, or the versatile Utensilo, the moll T5’s many features keep everything you need for work within arm’s reach. The moll T5’s basic equipment is always extendible and can always create new storage space. This makes it a lifelong companion — from preschool to college and beyond.
The moll T5 adjusts to anything:
Body size, strength, structure — everyone has their own characteristics and ways of working. The moll T5 adapts to it all. Its moll T5-E1 extension creates additional room and free space on the desk.
With the express height adjustment, the moll T5 can be adjusted to the right height in seconds with just a grip of the hand. The patented moll technology does without electricity and cables. With the optionally available height adapter, the desk can be brought up to 124 cm.


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