MOLL: Unique-S6

Whether during concentrated work, reading or creative activities, continuously comfortable seating is a question of ergonomics. But the environment plays a decisive role. The moll S6’s actively breathing mesh covering adapts flexibly to the body and provides ventilation in every situation. Its airy radiance lends it a modern lightness. The moll S6’s optional upholstery promises a sustainably positive sitting feel. The choice of fabrics meets the highest expectations.

The moll S6: a clever quick-change artist
Whether on the actively breathing mesh covering or on the soft cushion, everyone sits comfortably in his own way. For those who want less breeze and more softness, the moll S6 has additional cushions for the backrest and seat. The moll S6 always adapts to individual needs.
The cushion fastens with snaps and  is a breeze to take off. The cushions are also available individually. This means that mesh and cushions can  be mixed.
Simply ergonomic: The self-explanatory swivle chair:
Like so much else in life, ergonomics in the workplace is a matter of adjustment. The moll S6 offers every function the user needs to adjust it to individual body mass and proportions: from the seating height to the seating depth to a separately adjustable backrest height. All adjustment options are self-explanatory  and easy to operate.


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