Metalmobil: Abaco

june - july
NEWS 2010
ABACO, design Metalmobil Concept
-art. 751 sofa with backrest L 120
-art. 754 sofa with backrest L 120
-art. 750 modular sofa with backrest L 60
-art. 752 corner L 65
-art. 753 pouf L 60
-art. 755/756/757/758 wall panelling units
The wall-mounting system allows 
you to transform Abaco’s 
appearance every time.
Thanks to its size and the possibility 
of customising it (with or without 
wall panelling and modular units) 
Abaco is idea both for restaurants 
and waiting rooms.
Customisable lining: 
seat/backrest and base can be 
manufactured in different colours.
With its features, Abaco completes 
the range of Metalmobil’s multiple 
seating systems: Space, Dado....
Check out the features: chromed or 
painted steel feet available in the colours 
included in our catalogue lift Abaco off the 
ground and make cleaning the item easy.
Seat and backrest 
in foam.


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