Martex: Shelter

The reception area gives to the visitor the most important and real feeling of the surrounding environment. The office reception desk is the visiting card of a company. Shelter reception furniture is essential and versatile at the same time, creating in every situation a different personality. Shelter reception office furniture expresses its formal rigour and an architectural style even when it is assigned to the office reception. The use of partition panels allows to manage the private space following the lines of modern architecture. The reception is the first environment that expresses the personality and the image of a company, with its strict minimalism, the Shelter reception communicates an atmosphere of refined features. Clean lines and large areas welcome visitors and fulfil all the needs of operators. Thanks to its wide selection of materials, Shelter reception offers solutions at every stage from operative usage to management offices. It creates efficient working environments where communication is underlined. Thanks to is modular structure, It is also possible to create ergonomic call centers and individual work space.


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