Martex: More

More is a storage system that includes bookshelves, cabinets with hinged and sliding doors available in different sizes and finishings. More is characterized by large dimension of elements, rationally subdivided, to host and organize daily objects, books, magazines or hanging folders. In the picture More cabinet H. 2424 mm with hinged doors amarena matt lacquered. In the last few years the office bookcase has taken on new meanings because it allows to customize the work environment and to build an image very close to that of the house. Woodbookcase lacquered grigio carbone L.3600 mm H.2420 mm. Furnishing, separating, storaging. The range of cabinets More, thanks to the variety of finishes and sizes, perfectly meets these requirements. More office cupboard with sliding doors in white and grigio carbone lacquered glass. More is not only a system for archiving, but a tool to organize the office space. In the picture More with sliding doors L.3600 H.2424 mm in white matt lacquered finish.


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