Martex: Kyo

Kyo with thermo-structured top desk represents the better synthesis between the tactile and visual perception of matter, combined with a unique technological innovation that matches, to an eco-friendly synthetic material, the natural perception of real wood. Desk L. 2530mm D. 1000mm Dark Coupé finishing and white matt lacquered top, combined with structural one side element in white matt finish. Kyo is an executive office desk in which the most classical of materials matches perfectly with modern and strength of lacquered colours. Respecting the meaning of colours even in the office desk furniture, Martex Office used Verde Scuro colour for the executive office because it conveys seriousness and respectability. Kyo desking system reinvents the working environment in a non-conventional way, thanks to its exclusive and original design, it creates a modern office style. Its modularity, materials and finishes make it ideal for a modern office. Leather desk create an high-level executive office where the attention to details and the design make it unique. The 2 desks match the rich leather top in Bianco and Marrone finish to the glossy lacquered Bianco and Fondente legs. Leather top table W. 2080mm D. 1000mm.


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