Martex: Galaxy

Perfectly integrated with all Martex, Galaxy cupboard storage suit both operative and executive compositions playing with materials and finishes and allowing to complete the office furnishing. Cupboard W. 4500 mm with white lacquered finishing panels and white lacquered glass doors. The desire to minimize the visual impact of the handle has led Martex to the possibility of having, in the lacquered version, a door with a built-in handle perfectly integrated in the length of the door. The Galaxy model without handle, represents a choice of high-level design, which still retains a high degree of functionality. To make the cupboards more solid, all Galaxy cabinets are equipped with metal shelves th.25 mm white silicio finish. The metal shelf allows the storage of hanging files as well as books and folders. Cabinets are important for functional storage of office supplies, so you have to provide the most suitable solution to your needs. Galaxy is characterized by its customization in terms of variety of finishes, sizes and compositions. Galaxy cabinets can be equipped with storage file, provided with anti-tilting system. The built in handle is digged in the cabinet door, the product has no connections or couplings, giving a sense of continuity to the door material. Galaxy collection includes lots of cabinet doors wood made with high-level technical and aesthetic solutions. Great attention has been paid to the choice of finishes and colours for making this range integrated with Martex lines. In the picture Galaxy wood cabinet with file and doors, finishing panels in rovere moro.


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