Magnus Olesen: Session

Design: busk + hertzog

The clear, stringent design of the stackable armchair makes Session a fusion of classic Shaker tradition and Japanese and Scandinavian furniture tradition with due respect to modern demands for comfort and usability. This makes Session an obvious choice for many different projects where simple, classic interior design is of priority. The furniture fulfils the highest requirements of Danish Furnituremakers' Quality Control.

Back: Fully upholstered. 
Seat: Upholstered, removable and turnable 180°. 
Frame: Solid maple, beech or oak with transparent lacquer or painted black. Also available in black-stained oak. 
Accessories: Intermediate table, linking device, trolley and seat cushion with urinary cover and removable seat cover.


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T: +36 1 274-0001.

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