Magnus Olesen: Mix

Design: Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen

Mix is a simple, strong light-weight table, without rails, available in a vast number of variations. The table tops are available in both square, rectangular, circular and curved forms and as they may be linked in larger compositions of tables or tables and intermediate leaves alternately, the tables meet most demands. Furthermore the Mix-series is available with several different bases in wood and steel and now with folding legs as well.

Table top: Maple, beech and oak edgings with surface in laminate, linoleum or wood. 
Base: Bright chrome or powder coated steel tubes (branch-shaped, oval or circular), solid wooden legs in beech, oak or maple or steel pedestals. 
Accessories: Modesty panels, wire management caps, built-in cable box with power and network outlet, extension bracket, castors, folding legs.


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