Magnus Olesen: Contact

Design: busk + hertzog

In the work-related everyday life the demand for flexibility grows. For this purpose the mobile Contact table was created, fitted with castors and stackable horizontally when the table top is raised - without lifting or using any strength, obtaining an optimal use of the functions of the room. For stationary use the table is also available with glides.

Table top: Painted black with soft touch effect or with surface in linoleum, laminate or sawn solid staves in natural wood - ABS-edge or wooden edgings: beech, maple, oak or cherry. Also with surface and bevelled edge in white DelianŸ.
Base: The transverse foot in bright chrome, the vertical tubes in bright chrome or powder coating. Contact tables with tilt are with height adjustable castors and the stationary tables are with glides. 
Accessories: Extension bracket, wire management cap and tray and modesty panel.


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