Luxy: Overtime
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What is a chair? It is not just a simple piece of furniture, but a daily instrument that blends harmoniously with our body for made-tomeasure adaptability and comfort. Overtime is for those who want a chair that is strong and technically evolved, but extremely adaptable and light at the same time. Thanks to important technological studies, Luxy has created a very ergonomic product which transforms the act of “sitting” into a completely new and revolutionary experience. The standard armrests are 3D (can be adjusted in height, depth and rotation) with PU pads, while the mechanism is synchronised with 7 locking positions for oscillation, either with or without translator. 4D armrests as optional (adjustable in height, depth, rotation and width) with polished aluminum support as shown below. The mesh used is self-supporting, breathable, and elastic, which renders the product extremely suitable for 24-hour continuous work cycles, such as with call and customer services, open space technology, in open plan offices and call centres. In addition to breathability, which makes this chair more hygienic and healthy, and also the fact that it is easy to clean, Overtime has passed all the most severe ergonomics, stress and resistance tests. Overtime is available with a black or grey mesh, accompanied by components of the same colour, while the black or grey base is of plastic or polished aluminium. Optional accessories include an adjustable headrest and a rear coat hook.


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