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A chair is part of our lives, it supports our daily activities: it has to be resistant and inviting, we must like it, but it must also respect us, it must make the time we spend in its company pleasant and productive. Many of us spend more time sitting down than standing on our feet; we make important decisions or business deals while we feel at one with a chair… and then politics, agreements, inventions; how many things pass through that fundamental piece of furniture? The more welcoming a chair is, the more pleasant and worthwhile the things we do become. NULITE condenses this spirit inside its very genesis: it comes to us as a solid reality, amenable and elegant, perfect for homes and offices. And it is ready for all in a new version: sophisticated and enriched with major technological elements. Ergonomics are the strongpoint of NULITE, the study of the human body posture, the lightness of its line and its multifunctional structure are its supporting elements. The chair’s body is fortified by a decentralized oscillating multiblock mechanism with a side lever that can be easily pulled out at the side with a very elegant gesture. NULITE offers sophisticated care of every detail: in a way, truly representing Italian style and design: the frame, for example displays various components in chromed aluminum, which shine like sparks of light in the midst of the chromed steel of the remaining structure. Available also in the glossy white finishing. Our NULITE comes in high and medium backrest sizes, armless or with armrests which can be upholstered in the same colour of the seat. Available with four or five star swivel bases on castors or glides or on a sled-base version. A choice among three different upholstery coverings : in a comfortable thick padding, in mesh netting, and last but not least – the top of the range – in the slim horizontal ribbed quilt upholstery, taking advantage of a new concept in upholstering, created by heat coupling of foam agents and leather, which is then processed through cold pressing. The result: finishings and grooves with no stitching, an upholstery covering of innovation and clarity. Also available in a four seat tandem beam version for visitors, on a solid base version, without castors and without the synchron mechanism, but with the possibility of height turning regulation. It surely cannot go unnoticed amongst the rest: a Venus of indisputable beauty and elegance, with whom you can fall in love …at first sight! Nulite comes also as a bench or stool: people have lots of different requirements and Nulite can satisfy them all. The “bench and beam” solution is perfect for conference rooms, hospital waiting rooms, and airport lounges: all you have to do is join a couple of elements together and Nulite turns into a comfortable consecutive seating area with chairs in groups of two to five. If required, it can also be fixed to the floor thanks to the version with floor anchoring leg. Should its destination be a front desk, a reception point, a bar counter, or behind the till of a shop or supermarket, Nulite becomes a stool with a height adjustable seat and foot support ring. Naturally, the Mesh plus the padded versions of the bench and stool can be produced with all types of upholstery and in many different colours.


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