Lamm: Unica

Variable centre to centre distance armchair, characterized by its comfort and flexibility of installation, associated with a design that adapts easily to a wide range of applications.
Seat and backrest with tubular steel internal structure and fire-retardant, cold-foamed expanded polyurethane padding, with high resistance elastic belts. Gravity device allowing the seat to tilt with a cushioned movement. High and low backrest with variable inclination for a perfect view at all times, both in stalls or in galleries.
Side with metal internal bearing structure, with flame-retardant, cold-foamed expanded polyurethane padding, fully covered with leather, fabric or in wood. Various versions of armrest: added and covered armrest, added armrest in integral polyurethane or in wood. Sheet metal floor anchoring foot with painted protective collar. Installation on horizontal and inclined floors or on steps, in straight or curved rows (with variable centre to centre distance).


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