Lamm: E5000

It represents an evolution in the E4000 system, the main characteristics of which it inherits, implementing them with greater flexibility of construction and composition (seat with cushioned automatic return, beginning and end of row feet in line with the uprights), and an appreciable increase in seating comfort, thanks to the extra padding of seat and backrest, supplied as standard.
Extruded anodised aluminium load-bearing bars, with ribbing and channels to fix complementary elements (uprights, writing tables, feet), without the need for pre-set holes and with variable spacing of modules. Can be Installed in a straight line, in a curve, on large steps or on inclined flooring.
Seat and backrest:
Tip-up seat with cushioned automatic return and ergonomic plywood backrest, or with extra polyurethane foam padding, covered with fabric or eco-leather. Support and fixing elements and seat movement mechanisms in steel with non-scratch painted finish.
Writing table:
Bi-laminate writing table with ABS edge, available both fixed with rounded corners, and tip-up foldaway with anti-panic movement. Tip-up table structure in moulded aluminium to guarantee greater strength during use.
First row panels:
Single and floor length, these are made of plywood with natural wood or bi-laminate finish and are applied vertically for straight line or curved configurations. The first row can be also combined with conference armchairs


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