laCividina: Mon Coeur

A triumph of craftsmanship, a sofa and armchair which imitate the lines of a heart. A precious piece of handiwork which requires maximum technical know-how.
This modern and stylish piece comes from La Cividina. Designed by Peter Harvey, the lovely form of this elegant sofa makes it a distinctive, minimal piece.
Ideal for relaxing at home, for hotels, cafes, bistros, bars, cocktail lounges, clubs, waiting areas, the welcoming Mon Coeur sofa is sure to create a reaction.
The Mon Coeur sofa has a reinforced fibreglass and plastic frame, padded with non-deformable polyurethane foam with polyester fibre, with the seat on a wooden frame. The swivel bases are lacquered metal. Versatile, and available for upholstery in a variety of different fabrics and colours, please note that the Mon Coeur sofa's covers are non-removable.
Depth: 110cm 
Height: 115cm
Length: 240cm


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