Kristalia: Dot system

Modular bookcase with continuous shelves fixed on uprights. The shelves can be fitted at any height thanks to the special shelf support that allows millimetric adjustment. The uprights are in extruded anodised aluminium and are supplied in six standard sizes or cut-to-size. The shelves are in painted sheet metal and are supplied in three standards depths and six lengths or cut-to-size. Small end panels in anodised aluminium complete the end of the shelves and can be fitted flush with the uprights or projecting, creating arrangements that differ greatly from each other and depend on the requirements of the user. The bookcase can be fitted against the wall, wall-hung or floor-standing on supports. The two-sided partition version requires adjustable thrust devices. Some of the accessories to be pointed out include the bookshelf partition (in satin-finish methacrylate or aluminium), the CD rack, the clothes-hanging tubes, the light bar and the new wall-mounted or floor-standing drawer units, which come either with or without wheels. Finish available for upright, side: Anodized aluminium Aluminium painted white Ral 9010 semi-matt Aluminium painted black Ral 9005 semi-matt Finish of shelves: Steel painted aluminium Ral 9006 semi-matt Steel painted white Ral 9010 semi-matt Steel painted black Ral 9005 semi-matt


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