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Refined minimalism with numerous arrangement options for All storage units. Their simple shapes make them completely versatile in any position: floor-standing or suspended on adjustable feet in pressure die-cast aluminium, on their own or matched as required, wall-mounted or in the middle of a room, thanks to their double-sided finish. The doors open without handles, with the touch of a hand, providing easy access to interior fittings. Available in two versions: in gloss or matt lacquer in four different colours with outer profiles in aluminium or in the same colour, or with oak surfaces with a weng? or grey finish with aluminium profiles. Finish of structure/doors: Lacquered gloss white Ral 9010 (LL1) Lacquered gloss red Ral 3003 (LL2) Lacquered gloss anthracite grey Ral 7016 (LL3) Lacquered gloss black Ral 9005 Lacquered matt white Ral 9010 Lacquered matt red Ral 3003 Lacquered matt anthracite grey Ral 7016 Lacquered matt black Ral 9005 Wengé stained Oak Grey Oak Finish of pro?les: Anodized aluminium or in colour that matches the structure Finish of feet: Brushed aluminium


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