Howe: Usu

The key element to the Usu table was to design a table which meets the market demand for attractive price and at the same time the well known standards of the HOWE brand. The design of Usu is simple, airy and light. As all other HOWE products Usu is a space-saving and functional table due to the folding mechanism, which is very simple and easy to handle. In all its simplicity Usu is constructed of few materials, which makes sorting and recycling easy to handle. Usage: The optional solutions; the concealed castor and the chair hanger system make Usu ideal for multi-usage in canteen and training areas. Versions: Usu is available with round or square legs. Usu is designed by HOWE In-house Design Team. Functionality is the keyword at HOWE and also the secret behind Usu. The simple folding mechanism is one among other things that makes Usu a space-saving and functional table. The folding mechanism is user-friendly and is easily managed by one person. You will find an illustration on the sub frame increasing the ease of handling. A range of optional solutions also makes Usu ideal for functional use. The optional concealed castor solution adds even more to the ease of handling and the optional chair hanger system allows for thorough floor cleaning. The chair hanger system can be retrofitted. At HOWE we live by the concept "If you can think it, we can make it". This also applies to Usu. So if you are in need for a custom made table, do not hesitate to contact us.


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