Howe: Tutor

As with all exceptional design, the Tutor table is poetically simple and plainly obvious. Developed as a table to accompany the famous 40/4 chair, Tutor echoes the chair’s elegant and understated design language to create a visually incomparable table and chair concept. The Tutor table is an easy-to-manage, single-person stacking table which works equally as well on its own, due to its extremely durable materials. Not to mention its admirable stacking and handling capabilities. Ideal for seminars, trainings and corporate educational facilities, the Tutor is a world-class multi-functional flexible solution for demanding and design-oriented applications. Usage: Tutor tables are most suited for multi-purpose learning environments, such as schools, seminar, training or meeting activities in institutional or commercial facilities. Tutor is designed by John Bollen. Developed as a companion to the renowned 40/4 stacking chair programme, the Tutor table and 40/4 chair are the ideal design duo for any flexible interior. Elegant ergonomics with high-density stacking and unsurpassed flexibility. As many as 30 tables can quickly and easily be stacked and stored away on the dolly especially designed for storing and transporting. A conference set-up can be altered to an education session with tables in a matter of minutes. Simply remove every second row of chairs and place Tutor stacking tables instead. When not in use, 30 tables can stack within 1,66 metres (39.4") in height.


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