Howe: Tempest

Tempest is the original space-saving flip-top table system for use in multi-purpose eating, meeting, training and conferencing facilities. Whether you prefer a big conference table, a modular meeting table, a low lounge table or a high bar table, Tempest has an array of answers. With KOMPLOT Design’s beautiful and rock solid flip-top mechanism stability is taken to a whole new level. In addition, the elegant elliptical leg-design with concealed castors makes Tempest easy for just one person to “wheel-barrow” around swiftly and effortlessly. Tempest is designed by HOWE and redesigned by KOMPLOT Design. Usage: Tempest is a space-saving, flip-top table system for use in multi-purpose, flexible interiors such as dining, meeting, training and conference facilities. The Tempest table is considered the world’s leading flip-top table system in terms of its unique space-saving and manageability qualities. Tempest is often referred to as the “zero weight” table system by combining a flip-top mechanism and integrated castors allowing the table to be moved around easily. When not in use, the tables can be nested to optimise space. Tempest’s new beautiful and rock solid flip-top mechanism by KOMPLOT Design is an incredible attribute both in terms of design and functionality. The multi-directional linking system allows the users to link the Tempest table in any direction they may please. Finally, Tempest also offers a modesty panel system and wire management solutions.


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