Howe: Simpla

There were two key elements to the Simpla design brief. First was the form. Simpla had to be equally at home in modern buildings made of steel and glass, as well as older renovated buildings. The other was function. Simpla also had to be light enough to be reconfigured by just one person. The result is a two-piece table with a lift-off top that’s easy for one person to manage. Simpla has superb space-saving attributes designed to easily accommodate a small space with a minimum amount of time and effort. Don’t miss the range of shapes, sizes, top and base finishes plus countless design details and accessories, making Simpla a dynamic, multi-purpose flexible solution for meeting, training, dining and studying. The easy reconfiguration by just one person and the innovative and space-saving design won Simpla a NeoCon award in 2001. Usage: The Simpla table is specified for training, meeting and conference applications in modern and historical buildings around the world. Simpla is a lightweight, four-legged table system with a ?lift off? top and a unique flat folding frame. The separate top and frames make setting up and storing away an easy process for just one person. The frame folds to a slim 77 mm (3") and together with the matching trolley, as many as eight tables can be wheeled away for storage, freeing up valuable space. The intelligent functionality continues with robust hinges designed to allow tables to be folded one on one. Attachable options include the modesty panel and linking brackets.


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