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Moveo is a handsome, new generation of flip-top table systems. This sturdy, slim table design is attractive with the 40/4 stacking chair, and allows for easy operation and handling by just one person. Moveo provides an excellent concealed and space-saving solution for the provision of power and data on the tabletop. It’s a multi-functional table that’s designed to be as flexible as your own corporate agenda. The Moveo table is a flexible office table which supports a more dynamic corporate culture. Moveo won the Gold Award in the “Best of NeoCon” competition in Chicago in 2005. Usage: Moveo tables are intended for meeting rooms, training facilities and conference settings. Moveo is designed by Justus Kolberg + Erik Simonsen. The Moveo table offers a modern solution for office environments and is very appealing when teamed up with 40/4 stackable chairs. The Moveo table series represents the newest innovation in flip-top tables featuring a clever concealed solution for providing power and data. The result is all the space you need for your computer, files and other office essentials. You can also link any side of the table to optimise the space of any interior, thanks to the intelligent linking bracket solution and multifunctional design. Moveo is designed to keep a low profile, with a choice of “T” or “C” legs to blend into your office environment. Moveo offers an array of possibilities for electrification and a total concept of concealed cable management. The result is all the space you need for your computer, files and other office essentials. The Moveo table gives you two opportunities for a power and data solution. An integrated socket access port in either round or rectangular, which provides you with both power plugs, LAN- and VGA-connection. Or a simple solution with a moveable power socket placed in the beam.


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