Howe: Genus

Since 1987, when Poul Christiansen and Boris Berlin established KOMPLOT Design, they have produced a large number of highly acclaimed furniture designs. Their hallmark has always been a bold Scandinavian style with a strong international appeal – the Genus chair is no exception. This innovative chair programme has a lot to offer in terms of materials, construction, comfort and handling. The minimalist aesthetic is combined with unique functional features, such as the spring controlled flexing back, and easy stacking and handling. The soft-touch rests are another of the highly appreciated designed details: they are cleverly designed to allow the chair to hang on the edge of the table, leaving the floor clear for cleaning and the tabletop without scratches. Genus has received several awards, including an Architectural Review Award in 2003, The Gold Award in Best of NeoCon in 2003 and Le Prix de la Fonctionnalité, Paris 2003. 


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