Howe: 40/4

David Rowland’s award-winning 40/4 stackable chair is arguably one of the most important designs of the 20th century. The 40/4 chair is featured in design collections and museums the world over, in recognition of its elegant lines, excellent ergonomics, unsurpassed stacking and handling, as well as space-saving advantages for flexible interiors. With over eight million sold since its inception in 1964, the 40/4 stackable chair is an indisputable icon of multifunctional design, which continues to attract architects and designers who are amazed by its ability to create space – without taking up space. Usage: Corporate offices, conference centres, training establishments, universities, churches, cathedrals, schools and educational facilities. If you’re looking for a stackable side chair, armchair or row of chairs, you’ve just found it. The 40/4 is a clever chameleon, able to adapt to an array of environments. As many as 40 chairs stack quickly, neatly and completely to a height of just 4 feet, hence its 40/4 name. The 40/4 chair is easy to use, operate and reconfigure in a matter of minutes. With a slight lift and tilt, each chair slides smoothly into place. Linked in solid, rigid rows of four linked together, the 40/4 seating for an entire auditorium or meeting room can be assembled or disassembled and stacked for storage, with a minimum amount of labour, time and effort. With seats and backs in matt, elegant plastic resin, finely-crafted wood veneer or as upholstered version, comfort is the other key component which makes the 40/4 an ingenious design solution – from corporate offices to conference rooms to classrooms to cathedrals. The famous 40/4 chair designed by David Rowland in 1964 is considered as the first true stacking chair and is the benchmark stack chair for the industry. Designed originally as a side chair David Rowland through the years also designed other versions of the chair in order to provide a chair for almost any application, and at the same time keeping a uniform design language across the applications. The 40/4 is available as: > side chair > armchair > barstool > lounge chair > swivel chair > chair with write pad > chair for outdoor use > chair with wooden frame In addition, the broad palette of finishes (plastic resins, veneers and upholsteries) makes it hard to find an application the 40/4 does not fit.


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