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The special features of this patented bed mechanism allow the opening and the closing of the sofa with only one movement, without removing the seat and back cushions, which remain attached to the frame of the mechanism. Mechanism frame in highly resistant metal tube painted with epoxy powder. Armrests, backrest and front band fixed with bayonet joints for an easy disassembly during transport. Welded orthopedic mesh bed base. Spring mattress cm 200 x 14h. (tolerance approx. 1%). Armrests, backrest and front band frame made of solid wood and multiply wood, upholstered with polyurethane foam and covered with dacron. Seat and back cushions made of polyurethane foam with density of 30 kg/m?, covered with dacron and pure cotton fabric. Space to contain pillows behind the backrest available on request. Completely removable fabric covers, fixed leather and artificial leather covers


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