Giulio Marelli: Forest

Forest is a room divider with an aluminum arc that can create scenarios between different furniture, rooms and people. Forest is designed by Katrin Greiling and symbolizes the forest-like room. Katrin’s inspiration to the design came during a trip through the German Grünewald forest. Forest consists of an aluminum arc with the ends fixed in metal stands. Numerous arcs together create compartment forming units. With different lengths of the arcs the user can put together a broad variation of height, width and length and shape a unique scene. Forest is Katrin’s interpretation of the forest room, read berries on the ground, great trees towards the sky, density and glades. The red metal stands symbolizes the berries from which the different arcs – the forest like room – rises and creates a visual compartment forming element. “It is important for us to not only work with established designers. Width and new ways of thinking are just as important in constantly developing our design. Katrin is an exciting power among the young designers with the international background we look for. We are very proud to cooperate with Katrin Greiling”, says Anders Englund, Design Manager at Offecct. Forest is made of two red (RAL 3020) or grey (RAL 5008) lacquered metal stands and silver colored aluminum arc. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Room divider with adjustable aluminum arcs. Forest is made of two red (RAL 3020) or grey (RAL 5008) lacquered metal stands (2.2 kilos each).


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