Giulio Marelli: Cubic

Cubic is a wide collection that offers the possibility to choose among 6 different kinds of legs and bases in different finishings . The extreme comfortability and the good ergonomics combined with the small scale makes cubic a perfect products for every specific need. Frame: made of solid wood and multilayer panels covered in foam polyurethane and dacron. Seat spring: intertwined elastic belts. Seat: cushions in foam polyurethane, density 30 kg/ m?, covered in thermobound fibres and pure cotton fabric. Back: cushions in foam poliurethane, density 30 kg/m?, covered in thermobound fibres and pure cotton fabric, with a multilayer panel inset. Cover: removable in fabric, not removable in leather. Not removable in the stitching version.


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T: +36 1 274-0001.

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