Flux: Flux counter

Flux introduces the Flux Counter, a foldable counter/bar.
The Flux Counter is a modern counter/bar and just like the other Flux products, it’s perfect for the use at (outdoor) events. The Flux Counter stands out for its distinctive appearance where the folded structure determines form. The foldable Flux Counter serves you perfectly as a mobile place of business. It’s wide
enough to address two people at the same time and it has a shelf to keep the top clutterfree. Easy to fold, it’s very suitable for the use at trade shows as there is enough space to put your tablet, laptop or brochures. In addition, the shelf can also be used for bottles and glasses, making the Flux Counter ideal for use at garden parties this summer! The front pane is nice and large, which makes it the perfect spot to highlight your brand with customization by embossing or stickers. Furthermore, this folding design by Flux is very durable due to minimal transport and storage volume.


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