Fantoni Group: Patt / Stillwall

Modular solution of slim-lined panels inserted between fine aluminium profiles that can be fitted with a complete range of coordinated accessories.
The simple Stillwall modular design provides very flexible solutions for a wide range of applications. It can be used to form room dividers, furnishing elements, or as a technical acoustic barrier inside the space where it is installed. Satin-finished aluminium profiles are designed for attaching coordinated shelving and storage containers. The panel, in its EC-certified version, classed as “B-s2, d0” for it reaction to fire, also conforms to the highly exacting Japanese “F4 star” standard, with reference to its extremely low formaldehyde content, in line with JIS parameters. The same product is also available in a version without reaction-to- fire certification, and with class E1 formaldehyde emissions.


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