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This radiant, sound-absorbent modular system is the only one in the world to combine thermal comfort, energy efficiency, sound quality and innovative design: a single solution to save energy and improve the liveability of any space.  Climacustic® can be used on walls or ceilings, for heating or cooling.  The MDF modules feature a melamine finish:on the rear is a PeRT tubing fluid circuit, and the panels are attached to a 35-mm insulating layer in EPS, bonded using an aluminium sheet. The rapid installation procedure uses the aluminium structures attached to the wallor ceiling, and does not require adhesives or resins. Unlike plasterboard systems, these modular panels (60x60/120) offer easy access for inspection purposes.  The thermal profile achieved in the roomusing the ceiling panels is extremely close to the ideal curve.  A radiant heating ceiling typically exchanges heat with the floor below, which is the surface area with the most favourable exposure, and when running regularly, the air temperature profile is uniform from the floor,  which is normally 1.0-1.5 °C warmer than the air temperature, up to some 5-6 cm from the ceiling.  This top layer of air then expresses the entire temperature gradient between the general air temperature and that of the surface of the ceiling.  An equivalent phenomen on is also seen incooling systems, in addition to which the layer of air in contact with the ceiling cools and drops down, thus adding a convective component to the temperature exchange by radiation, and increasing thermal energy exchange.Climacustic® contributes towards at is fying prerequisites and credits under LEED®.


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