Fantoni Group: Acoustic Room

Reverberation and background noise are negative factors that affect productivity at work as well as people's well-being.
Acoustic Room creates an acoustically-protected haven inside an open-plan office or collective environment, for meetings and other situations requiring  particular privacy and focus. Four modules in different sizes to create soundproof islands, protected from the surrounding work environment, or from busy areas with high foot traffic. Conceived as meeting area or for those needing some privacy.
607x300 cm
Creating a meeting room in an open-plan space is simple with Acoustic Room. The extra large module can easily accommodate a table for several people, complete with all furniture and multimedia technology.
A temporary work station complete with desk, a smart room for videoconferencing, or a break area with a high table and stools: Acoustic
Room is suitable for a vast range of differentuses, with excellent liveability and acoustic comfort inside.
240 x 240 cm
A "box in box", snug and comfortable for making phone calls or organizing a confidential meeting, with a peninsula table that can be used standing or sitting on stools. It will fit into any space without creating visual barriers.
120 X 240 cm
Acoustic Room creates individual spaces that can be used as phone booths or areas for conference calls within any setting, optimizing the available space, with an open solution for positioning against a wall, or a closed, freestanding


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