Extremis: Pantagruel Picnic

When we started Extremis 20 years ago, we named our first piece Gargantua. It was based on a famous 16th century series of novels by a French monk, Rabelais, describing the life of two giants: Gargantua - whose appetite was unstoppable - and his son Pantagruel. The Gargantua large round outdoor table has a huge tabletop and is even extendable by putting the benches at tabletop height.
The second generation, Pantagruel, is not a better version of his father, he's just different. The frame of the Pantagruel round picnic table has a powder-coated finish OR galvanised. You can choose from a variety of materials for the fixed benches and tabletop. It also features a Lazy Susan to easily pass through things.
Customers can now make a choice between those two, according to their expected usage and the flexibility they need. There's no perfect table for everyone, in those 20 years we've learnt that each person has a different focus.
The Pantagruel round picnic table combines perfectly with the Inumbra or Inumbrina parasols.


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