Engelbrechts: Appetit

Morten Engelbrecht designed the Appetit, which was launched in 2009.

A table for the dining room, meeting rooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, educational rooms and banqueting rooms.

Appetit is a light and elegant table designed with simplicity in mind.

The table consists of a light-weight furniture board, laminate and four legs made of steel and polished chrome aluminium.

The table is available in rectangular, round or ellipse forms. As a variation of the number of seats for the round and elliptical tables, the table can be assembled to have three as well as four legs.

The legs come with four screws in polished aluminium with the possibility of height adjustment from 72 to 75 cm.

By default, we include castors, which can be installed instead of two set screws so the table can be mobile. The wheels are integrated into the leg and have the same height as the set screw in the lowest setting.

By default, we also include coupling pieces for the table. This is installed without the use of tools in the holes of the corner fittings.

Additional accessories can be supplied for hanging chairs for the Chairik chair series.

32 mm lightweight furniture board, laminate and 1 mm ABS edge list. 


  • Leg 38 x 2 mm polished chrome steel tube
  • Table corners and set screws in shiny polished aluminium
  • Wheel mounted in leg

Almost all sizes (up to a length of 2 meters) can be made in this series. Please find the number of standard sizes below:


  • W 60 x L 120 x H 72 cm 
  • W 70 x L 120 x H 72 cm
  • W 80 x L 120 x H 72 cm
  • W 60 x L 140 x H 72 cm
  • W 70 x L 140 x H 72 cm
  • W 80 x L 140 x H 72 cm
  • W 60 x L 160 x H 72 cm
  • W 70 x L 160 x H 72 cm
  • W 80 x L 160 x H 72 cm
  • W 60 x L 180 x H 72 cm 
  • W 70 x L 180 x H 72 cm 
  • W 80 x L 180 x H 72 cm


  • W 80 x L 80 x H 72 cm / Model 1221
  • W 120 x L 120 x H 72 cm / Model 1241


  • Ø 105 x H 72 cm / Model 1251
  • Ø 120 x H 72 cm / Model 1252


  • ½ Ø 120 x H 72 cm / Model 1242

Black laminate with black ABS edge

White laminate with white ABS edge

Gray laminate with gray ABS edge

Special colors are available at an additional cost.


  • Chair suspension (for Chairik chairs)
  • Extra clutch bracket
  • Extra wheels

Table with laminate. The surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth with a normal all-purpose detergent and warm water.

Table units can be disassembled. Tabletop can be incinerated. Steel and aluminium parts can be melted down and reused.

We offer a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects in standard products (materials and structures). Wear and damage to surface treatments and the like are not covered by this guarantee.

Are either individually wrapped, as in export packaging, or stacked on a pallet for project packaging.

Each table comes with a separate package for the leg set in the form of a cardboard box with a polystyrene core and legs, screws, allen wrench, coupling bracket, and wheels.


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