Enea: Movado

OFFICE CHAIR WITH LOW BACK, WITH OR WITHOUT ARMS MOVADO response is versatile and comfortable work environments, based on its high capacity functional adaptability and their many choices of finishes. It allows lumbar adjustment, variable seat depth and height, the adjustable arm in four dimensions, and of course, resting synchronized between backrest and seat. The chair in its operational version meets the highest demands of daily work, both for its strong ergonomic shape and for those regulation accessories for adjustment. A very characteristic accessory is MOVADO fixed arm in reinforced polyamide, very suitable for management environments, meeting and visit - confident. This arm can be offered in two finishes: black or grey aluminium. The MOVADO also gives us the opportunity to have 3D arms, where all movements (up-down, side and front) are present for all benefits provided for a work chair work. The bases are presented Movado polished aluminium and black plastic wheel with the possibility of soft or hard depending on the requirement of the installation. IMARC mechanism: synchron tilt mechanism, seat slider and antishock.


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