Enea: Ema

Ema is ENEA’s new line of chairs, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, characterized by their stackability, lightness and functionality. This chair can be stacked on a trolley up to 45 units, weighs 4,5 kg. and is made of a polypropylene frame and a thin steel tube structure, available in chrome or lacquered finish. Ema is a versatile chair by combining two different backrest designs, open or closed, which can be for the polypropylene or upholstered version. It can be manufactured with or without arms, the seat and backrest can be fully or partially upholstered and available in all of the finishes Enea offers. Ema have different accessories to accomplish with the different needs and particularities of the public spaces: can be added a demountable writing table, a linking device between structures and a number indicator al- lowing full rows of chairs to be linked as well as the stack trolley and the carry trolley. Although Ema was first presented in April 2013, some changes had been made on its prototype till its formal presentation in the Salone del Mobile 2014. 


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