Dieffebi: Multidoor Locker

Personal effects lockers designed for the storage of small items; flexible use and choice of different locks make this system suitable for use in public places. TECHNICAL DETAILS Finishes: Grey Ral 7035 Finishes: 0range Ral 2008, Anthracite Ral 7016, Blue Ral 5002, Brown Ral 8025, Grey Ral 7035, Green Ral 6001. Caratteristiche struttura e ante Model: Multidoor cabinets Structure made of: first quality steel Functions: arranged to be linked to other cabinets or to the wall Type of doors: straight doors with name holder Doors made of: first quality steel Clousure: provided with cam keylock, two keys availables as standard Finishes: epoxy powder coated after heated phosphodegreasing processes and fixing in ovens at 200° C.


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