Dieffebi: Mia Ped

Mia is a container that goes beyond the traditional concept of office drawer pedestals: combining multiple functions in a single object, Mia Ped is a real personal container totally configurable by the user, which transforms easily into a seat for short meetings while at the same time remaining a functional storage element. Also designed to contain the most modern work equipment as well as personal belongings, Mia Ped combines minimalist design, emphasized by the retractable castors, with a range of new colours. Due to its reduced dimensions, the interior spaces are optimized thanks to accessories designed for maximum storage functionality. The extreme personalization of the interior spaces allows it to be totally reconfigured according to the everchanging needs of its user. Flexibility in separating the internal spaces is ensured by internal dividers that can be completed with soft pads to hold objects and electronic devices safely and without a scratch. Each element of Mia Ped lends itself to extreme customization also through the complementary accessories for its top, such as the comfortable design cushion that transforms the drawer pedestals into a seat for informal meetings, or the support elements for personal or professional objects, designed also to house devices such as smartphones or tablets in total safety. Finishes: two tone white - light grey , two tone light grey - white, two tone white - light blue, two tone white - orange, two tone light grey - light blue, two tone light grey - orange. Measurements: W. mm: 427 D. mm: 529 H. mm: 460. Made of: First quality steel Model: mobile ped Castors: pivoting castors diam 37 mm Clousure: central locking device with bending key and extractable barrel Finishes: powder coated after phosphotdegreasing treatment and fixing at 200° C. Made of: first quality steel Slide type: ball bearing slides full extention.


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