Dieffebi: Fileline 1000

Full range of cabinets to answer all filing needs in a qualified and reliable way. Fitted with all the accessories necessary to file documents in a proper way: a qualified product for easy and quick installation. Article Reference: 2510K000CS711, 2510K000C7035 TECHNICAL DETAILS Frame colour: white, light grey Door colour: white, light grey TECHNICAL DETAILS ABOUT THE CABINET Measurements W. mm: 1000 D. mm: 450 H. mm: 2000 Product information Made of: first quality steel Colour of frame: white, light grey Clousure: central locking device with bending key Finish: powder coated after phosphotdegreasing treatment and fixing at 200° C TECHNICAL DETAILS ABOUT THE DOORS Made of: first quality steel Door type: hinged door TECHNICAL DETAILS ABOUT CONTAINEMENT Quantity of adjustable shelves: 4 Allowance of shelves: 50 Kg Binder Heights: 5 Storage: suitable for A4 and foolscap hanging files


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