Dieffebi: DotBox

DotBox is a modular system of storage units whose strength lies in its ability to extend both vertically and horizontally with countless possible combinations. It is ideal for organising open plan spaces, dividing areas with different functions and allowing for smooth spatial planning that stimulates the staff in a productive way. The modules are finished down to the finest detail on the front, back and sides. The result is a piece of furniture that is beautiful and finished in its every detail, aesthetically balanced on both sides in the compositions for the centre of the room. Made of 1.5 mm thick laser-cut sheet metal, DotBox furniture is extremely sturdy and reliable over time. The basic module consists of a single original casing, 800 mm wide, which can become a file unit, two-drawer unit, a module with a pull-down door or an open module.


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T: +36 1 274-0001.

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